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Good Reads
Choices - my essay on drugs (Written when I was in Grade 7)
Carmela's Modest Proposal on Veganism
What is a Fruitarian?
Leonardo da Vinci: the incurable polymath
Vegan and Vegetarian Quotes
Pure Love Club
The Day the Lord has Made
The Center for Liturgy Sunday Web Site
Fiat Voluntas Dei

Cool pages
Pure Love Club
Matt Smith's Website
20 Quick and Easy Ways to Save Energy Now
Orbis Kids Sight
Rx for Child Survival
Animals Asia Foundation
Save humpback whales from commercial hunting!
Christian Display Pics
How To Draw
Life Teen (Firefly/Serenity site) :)
Shirley Holmes Fansite
Very Cool Blog
interesting movie quote & Christian band web site
Point of Focus
Listen to Siyahamba
Score & Lyrics for Siyahamba

Friends' and Family Pages
CFC-YFC Pacific Region
hnnL F n|n
Couples for Christ Global Mission Foundation
Joshua (my nephew)

Novena to the Holy Spirit
Children Pray: Jesus loves me
Daily Roman Catholic Gospel Readings
Catholic Prayer Intention E-cards
Bridge of Roses
Eternal Word Television Network
The Holy Rosary
Picture Beads Rosary & Catholic Links
The Chaplet of Divine Mercy Audio & Video
The Community of The Monks of Adoration
Pray the Rosary Online
The Emperor's New Groove script
The Emperor's New Groove pictures
Animaniacs Mega Lyrics File
You've Got Mail (This Time in the Death Star)
KidsHealth, TeensHealth, and ParentsHealth
Jellybean Magazine
Halloween Headquarters
Halloween Costume Ideas
Frames Tutorials
Kids Help Phone, 1-800-668-6868
AIM Express
Tagalog - English Dictionary
Students For a Free Tibet
City of Whitehorse
I Want To Be A Paleontologist !
Short Films
What Can I Eat When My Teeth Hurt? ...some soft food suggestions
Lightlife Foods
Seventh Generation
DIY Cleaners
Chemical-Free Refrigerator Cleaner
How to Make No-Rinse Green Clean
How to Naturally Clean Stainless Steel

Star Wars
Star Wars Links
The Royal Handmaiden Society
Star Wars: The Alternate Soundtrack
The Unofficial NJO Homepage
A New Hope Script
The Kessel Run Directory
The Padawan's Guide to Star Wars Prequel Costuming
Empress Palpatine's Library of Star Wars Smilies
Dave Dorman's Star Wars Art - Books
Find Your Star Wars Twin
Star Wars Sketches
Science Fiction and Fantasy Family Trees
Symphony for a Saga
Anakin Solo
Star Wars Bookmarks
Antioch Publishing Company die-cut bookmark
Jaina Solo's profile in French
New Jedi Order timeline*

Homework Help

Social Studies 11 Review
ClassicNotes: The Stranger
OF MICE AND MEN - The Student Survival Guide
Textbooks by Sylvia S. Mader
Old Biology 12 Provincial Exams
McGraw-Hill - Essential Study Partner
The Blood Typing Game
Silva Rhetoricae: The Forest of Rhetoric
Ben Jonson (1572-1637)
The Milton-L Home Page
7(p) Global Scale Circulation of the Atmosphere
Schindler's List (1993)
The Oskar Schindler Story
Military History, World War 2, The Schindler Story
Schindler's List

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