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Choices - An Essay on Drugs

Certain decisions you make in your life can affect you and others forever. You make a whole lot of choices in your life: whether you want to run fast or walk slowly, jump up or lie down but important ones like being mature, doing drugs, taking a swig of alcohol or smoking a ciggarette are eternal.

Drugs, drinking and smoking are all similiar because others think they're cool and try to persuade you to choose them but they all poison your body and your relationships with others. Smoking is literally taking a puff of toxins. The chemicals in it make your lungs turn black and give our other body parts diseases. Society teaches us that looks are important and that it means everything to look good and smoking makes your teeth and fingers yellow and your breath smells bad and ashes go everywhere so other people will avoid you. Drinking is just as bad. It slows your body down. It even makes you vomit. There are many kinds of drugs and they are all horrible. Marijuana is one of them and it contains 4000 chemicals. It is harmful to your heart and lungs like smoking. A person addicted to marijuana might say it makes you feel good but that "high" wears off in an hour. The chemicals stay in your body for a month. Unlike smoking it's illegal. Other drugs like cocaine are very expensive. Would you actually spend thousands of dollars each year to turn yourself into a walking corpse?

Maturity and responsible behaviour means being/acting trustworthy and serious as an adult and you have a choice of whether or not you want to act that way. If you choose to be immature and irresponsible for your actions it can result in accidents and shame. Everyone around you will be affected and you can lose your good reputation and your dignity. If you do choose to be a grown-up you will be happy and proud. You will have great relationships with many people and be liked and trusted. Whatever you decide your friends will be affected greatly. If you act childish, they will desert you but if you act like an adult they will love, support and favour you. A true friend would not be proud of you if you do not act responsibly but would care and about you if you do. Would you really risk shattering good relationships because you are not serious?

Justice means fairness. If you choose to break the law and drive drunk you may hurt yourself and other people. If you are injust, you might get arrested and put on trial. At your trial, if you lose, you will have to live in jail for a long time, your driver's lisence will be taken away and you will be given a criminal record. Your guilt will haunt you and your peers will fear you. Why should you risk injuring yourself and others?

Peer pressure is a snare, if you get caught, it is hard to free yourself. When your peers decide to be irresponsible and do something wrong like taking intoxicants, they will usually try persuade you do it too. They do not consider the consequences and how harmful it is. They make it sound so "cool" but you know how terrible it is. Intoxicants are like fire, first you do not feel bad then you get burned. Many celebrities have died of drug overdoses. There are ways to fight the temptation. With self-control, prayer and the help of God's grace you'll overcome it. You should talk about it with someone you trust before you give in. Is it worth getting burned to be "cool" or "in"?

You should not let anything run your life and make your own choices. Always consider the consequences and never give in to the urge to do unsafe or childish actions and be a reflection of God.

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