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A Short but Sweet Social Studies 11 Review :)

Canada in the 1920s - 1930s

Canada in the West
  1. New consumer goods/inventions
  2. Haves/Have Nots
  3. unions
  4. Strikes and Protests
  5. Tone of song & dances =)

  1. tone of songs =(
  2. humiliation b/c of lack of jobs, homelessness, males' inability to provide, relief camps, and the On to Ottawa Trek

  1. Initially, there was a slump after WWI
  2. New consumer industries developed, which led to more productivity and farm equipment.
  3. Branch plants & investments from the U.S. developed
  4. There were poor working conditions, which led to some strikes
  5. There was a drop in farm products, which was an indicator for the 1929 stock market crash

  1. Inflation
  2. labour unions & strikes
  3. Natural disasters, such as drought & locusts ravaged the west
  4. market drops on farmed goods and farm equipment. this left the farmer in debt.
  5. demand for jobs led to homelessness and welfare (then called "pogey")

  1. Liberals and Conservatives were very powerful political parties, but the West was dissatisfied
  2. Establishments were taking advantage of the workers, thus there were unions formed and strikes
  3. the Progressives, a protest party representing farmers, was formed. The Progressives held the balance of power in the 1926 election (coalition government)

  1. Dissatisfaction at the Liberals' and Conservatives' "laissez faire" policy led to the formation of 2 new political parties: the CCF and the Social Credit

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