Carmela's Place In Cyberspace

Carmela's Place In Cyberspace

A wee bit of history

I created my first website, The Mendoza Family Homepage, in 1996. I taught myself HTML by reading Geocities' Basic HTML Tutorial. I used the online Basic Editor to hand-code the site. This personal site opened about a year later. I eventually hand-coded both sites with HTML using Geocities' Advanced Editor. This site was "born" on Geocities, moved to Fortunecity, and went to Doramail before switching to Bizhat. Bizhat has worked out well so far. The best part about being at Bizhat is that my site is adless. :) I hope you enjoy this wee expression of me.


le 7 février 2017: I'm back! I added some links to my Favourites about natural cleaning solutions you can use at home. It's remarkable how much my coding and web design style has changed over the years. I have no Portuguese on here yet. I hope to clean up the broken links I can sometime. Life things first. Beijos!

le 26 juin 2014: I removed more broken links.

le 17 mai 2013: I switched the name of this site back to Carmela's Place In Cyberspace. I Am Ophelia sounded pretty miserable. XD All the fanlistings are updated; all the broken links are fixed.

le 12 julliet 2010: I'm sad to report that one of the pages I lost in the move from Doramail to Bizhat was my Kateri Tekakwitha biography/tribute. I might write another one sometime. God's pulling me that way.

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